We are a theme based learning center, where we follow the Illinois Learning Standards for all of our classrooms. In addition, our curriculum is supported by the guidelines of Creative Curriculum. 


Here at ASF we use the Ages and Stages Questionnaires to complete development assessments for our families. In addition we offer conferences throughout the year to offer parents the opportunity to come in and learn more about their child's development. 

Communication Tools

We are proud to offer our parents a free app that gives you up to date details of the learning in your child's classroom, photo galleries, and all center reminders right to your mobile device! 

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Field Trips

During the summer our friends ages 3 and up take weekly field trips throughout the community. From September - May our preschool friends enjoy monthly field trips as well! Parents are always welcome to join us! 


We offer spring and winter photo sessions, including full back drops as well as family portrait opportunities here on site!