Our Classrooms

Purple Room


Our purple room is designed to serve our youngest friends ages 6 weeks - 15 months. Our teacher to child ratio in this room is 1:4 with a maximum of 8 children! 

Yellow Room


Our yellow room serves our friends ranging from 15 months - two years old and is known as our toddler room. This room is ran at a 1:5 ratio with a maximum of 14 children! 

Green Room


Green room is designed to serve all of our special two year old friends! This room is full of discovery and learning all day long! Our staff ratio in this room is 1:8 with a maximum of 16 children! 

Red Room


Our red room is designed to cater to all the special interests of our 3 year old friends. We are no longer 2 but we aren't ready to be in the 4 years old room yet! Our ratio is 1:10 with a maximum of 19 children. 

Blue room


Our blue room is designed for our friends who are preparing for kindergarten soon! Our friends in this room are 4 - 6! Our kindergarten friends are welcomed after school as well. This room has a 1:10 ratio with a maximum of 20 children! 

Tie Dye Room


Our Tie Dye Room is designed to serve our school aged friends and offers a full before/after school program as well as full days off of school and camp in the summer!